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Essay on light

40 minutes

Essay on light connects the two main dramaturgical lines that the Musaši Entertainment Company is developing. On the one hand, the genre of puppet theater and on the other, a focus on experimental work. The Essay on Light is therefore an experimental puppet production based on an interest in theater technology and the belief that it is important to share with other theater creators, theorists, critics and, above all, the audience, their reflections on creation and the artistic form. ​ Essay on light aims to discover the possibilities of openly thinking about theater through theater itself and its own means, not only conceptually and metaphorically. We draw inspiration here from the world of film, specifically from the genre of audiovisual essay, which is more accurate and entertaining thanks to the use of the possibilities of the medium.

Prepared by: Adam Páník, Tereza Havlová, Matěj Šumbera, Veronika Traburová, Františka Jesenská


Premiere: 12 March 2024, Alfred VE DVOŘE, Prague


Photo: groups archive

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