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Musaši Entertainment Company's first manifesto


MEC is a platform that enables the realization of creative ideas and creative dreams.

MEC brings together artists from theater and non-theatrical environments and gives them the possibility of collective, non-hierarchical creation.

MEC is a gradually expanding community. The creative teams of MEC projects are non-hierarchical, friendship-based and trans-crossable.

With each production, MEC tries a different type or genre of theater (or at least different from the previous project) and also renews and changes the creative team at least partially for each project.

Members of the MEC share their opinions and views on art with each other, and do so in the form of art.


The initial impulse to create is not a single topic, burning question or template. It is an idea of ​​some imaginative world that needs to be populated with characters, its own logic and mythology.

MEC is an acting and scenographic theatre. Making is rehersing, playing is rehersing. The creative process is endless within a theatrical production.

It's never too late to ditch it all.

Sometimes it is enough if the topic simply appears/appears on stage, there is no need to explain it, comment on it, interpret it. The spectator can do that without us.

It doesn't matter if the spectator doesn't understand something. It is a good idea to warn him about this possibility in advance.


MEC is inventive in the field of puppetry and puppetry technology, both in its creation and use.


Let creation for joy and outside of specific projects be our unwitting, even if unsuspected, preparation of other works.


Chance is our friend.


Derniers do not exist in the case of MEC productions. Their absence means sustainability for both the theater and the community.


MEC fulfills a personnel-economic model: with each additional member of the MEC, one (or more) additional productions can be performed. With a small number of members, MEC can flood the entire festival with entertainment.


The scenography of any production is storable and easy to transport. It fits (together with the performers) in a car, at most a van, for which normal driving license is required.


MEC adheres to the principles of recycling, reuse and repurpose. What you find is always better than what you buy, and even mechanics overalls can be made into a kimono.

MEC strives for self-sufficiency in its operation and rehersing by creating various types of creative facilities (workshop, rehearsal room, recording studio). It provides resources to colleagues and friends, artists without such opportunities.

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