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Forest fantasy

Toddlers theater, Brno,

An introductory theater experience for children from 0 to 3 years old. An experience for all the senses. An interactive scenic poem tailored for the youngest audience. What is a forest? What colors is he wearing? What sounds does the forest make? What scents is it saturated with? How does the forest touch us? And how do we feel it to the touch? What kind of air do we breathe in the forest? What crunches under our feet when we walk through the forest? How does time pass in the forest? Let the children into the forest! Go into the forest with them!


Director: Braňo Mazúch

Dramaturge: Alena Kastnerová

Stage design and costumes: Tereza Havlová

Music: Adam Páník


Cast: Eva Koupová, Fratišek Herz, Matěj Tauš


Photo: groups archive

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