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children 3+

A series of puppet miniatures - short solo productions for a small number of spectators. Originally they were based on the mobility of the puppeteer, that he/she has the entire theater attached to him/her and can move freely with it, all of them are solo (some non-verbal) in the time range of 7-15 min. Also suitable for exteriors and in daylight/early evening light. Later, the "Theater Tower" variant was created. The trio of theaters are made as little cabinets, from which a small tower can be built and the upper performance takes place. After that, the tower can be rearranged, another cabinet can be placed on top and another show can be performed. In this way, it is possible to play all the time, so the puppet tower is also suitable as a busker production or as an accompanying program without one specific time in the event schedule.

Prepared by: T. Havlová, A. Páník

Photo: Ondřej Vraštil, Lukáš Veselý, groups archive

The performances were supported in 2023 by the Nová síť z.s. as part of the New Blood on the Scene program.

Individual miniatures


12 minutes

No one has yet returned from the grave to tell us what awaits us there. Therefore, it is necessary to properly prepare for anything. A funeral should not be underestimated, because in order to make a good first impression in the grave, we must arrive in style - ideally in a golden sarcophagus or on a flying sleigh pulled by vultures.

The creation of the production was supported by the International Theater Festival Hradec Králové REGIONY.


10 minutes

Every gardener has his own rituals. Some he learned from his grandfather, some from his mother, and a few he grew himself. Mostly it's a personal thing that he won't show anyone, but if you watch where you step and don't eat strawberries without permission, Mr. Karel will let you peek under the hoe of his gardening habits.

The creation of the production was supported by the International Theater Festival Hradec Králové REGIONY.


10 min, non-verbal

A non-verbal puppet show about trickery and victory. Every brave person who sets out on the Jizerská 50 course must always be on the lookout!


15 min, non-verbal

A non-verbal puppet show that takes place on a medieval snowboard. Folk carving style puppets do not have hands, but play cards. Lesson learned and dudlajda!


7 min, non-verbal

Christmas puppet show for 1-3 spectators. It is almost comparable in size to a flea circus, yet it can cover a long distance artistically, dude!

The miniatures listed below are located in one place - a small table, and it is not possible to move around the space with them. 

long duration, interactive

Interactive puppet cooking show of a lady in her prime who lives alone and therefore likes visitors and refreshments most of all.


13 min, non-verbal
A horror puppet miniature about small and big thieves on a rotating stage.

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